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Ski & Snowboard Services

  • Nordic Services

  • Basic Nordic Wax


    Cleaned ski surface, followed by a thin layer of universal wax. Finished with strategic brushing to ensure correct wax patterning.

  • Nordic Binding Mount


    Customer boot is required to set the binding correctly on each ski.

  • Nordic Tune


    Includes base repair, basic nordic wax, and any binding adjustment.

  • Additional Work


    Any additional work will be charged by 30 minute or 1 hour increments.

  • Ski Base Repair


    Pattern is stone ground into ski using our Wintersteiger stone grinder. Able to stone grind both alpine and nordic skis.

  • Downhill Skis & Snowboard Services

  • Downhill & Snowboard Tune


    Tune includes base repair, edging and wax.

  • Downhill or Snowboard Edge & Wax


    Edge filing added to a downhill wax.

  • Downhill & Snowboard Wax


    Base is cleaned thoroughly before applying a thin layer of temperature correct wax. Finished with a 3 stage brushing.

  • Downhill Binding Mount


    Specific hole pattern to the binding is drilled into the ski. Bindings are then set with industrial-grade glue and tested on our callibrator.

  • AT Binding Mount


    Precise drilling for all AT or backcountry bindings.

  • Snowboard Binding Mount


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